About Charitable Giving

Convalescent Endowment Fund

This Fund is the Workhorse of our Philanthropy, as it is an irrevocable Trust Fund. Each year, the interest income of the Endowment Fund is distributed to Shriners Hospitals for Children¨.

A contribution to the Convalescent Endowment Fund, or CEF, whether it is $1.00, $1,000.00, $100,000.00 or more, is a lasting gift. Each contribution is pooled in the Endowment Fund Trust, which is a well-balanced conservation investment portfolio. A well-balanced portfolio not only allows for the principal assets to grow, but also amasses healthy interest/income throughout the fiscal year.

Stepping Stones to Happiness Certificates

A special incentive gift that was introduced in 1956 is available to any donor for a contribution of $25.00. A Stepping Stones to Happiness certificate will be issued to the donor from the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. These certificates are available in Honor of, in Memory of and as a Contributor. It is a wonderful way in which to provide a lasting gift to a friend, officer or to family in memory of their loved one or for oneself as a contributor.


A bequest is a very special area of giving, and is extremely personal for any donor. For more information and assistance, please contact either the Canadian Trustee, P.O. Box 51544, West Vancouver P.O., West Vancouver, BC V7T-2X9, or the Daughters of the Nile Foundation (U.S.), 3461 Lannette Lane, Lexington, KY 40503.